Who said Gelato and Sorbets can't be nutritious?

Artiserie is an artisanal crèmerie for plant-based gelato and sorbets. We source quality ingredients that are natural, unprocessed and dairy-free. We have dozens of flavors that will spark your curiosity, satisfy your palate and introduce you to a new tradition of indulgence


Our Flavors

Spark your curiosity, satisfy your palate and

introduce yourself to a new tradition of indulgence.

All our gelato are priced at AED 45/pint. Delivery fee is AED 7.

Order more than one pint for free delivery.


Perfect Matcha

A sharp Matcha (Japanese green tea) flavor countered with soothing coconut 'mylk' to provide the perfect balance.

Enjoy it on its own or pair it with Asian foods to provide an effortless ending to a flavor filled oriental meal

Nuts about Chocolate

A pure delight of intense dark chocolate lathered in a nut 'mylk' base for a rich and creamy experience.

Enjoy it on its own for a decadent delight, or with any type of food as a well-earned dessert


A healthy dose of fresh turmeric blended with grandma's spices gives this gelato powerful therapeutic properties.

Pair it with a simple meal for a burst of flavor, or have it as a refreshing and reenergizing end to a Yoga session


A concentrate of flavor obtained by roasting pistachios to an aromatic crisp and blending it with our signature neutral and creamy nut 'mylk' base.

Enjoy this creamy richness alongside our chocolate gelato or as a complement to a Mediterranean meal

Southern Mocha Nut Fudge

A rich coffee and chicory blend dotted with crunchy almond and our signature dark chocolate fudge, for an invigorating feel and a powerful flavor.

This strong yet smooth mocha will uplift any meal and wake up your senses from the first scoop

Strawberry Silk

Unlock the nostalgic flavor of freshly picked strawberries, that are swirled into this creamy gelato instantly bringing back childhood memories.

The ideal frozen treat for any time of the day (or night!)

Persian Rose

Refreshing rosewater infused with fragrant saffron brings a touch of morning dew to the warmest of summers.

This flavor pairs well with middle-eastern dishes, from Persian pilafs to Hindustani daal. 

Mint Essentials

An intense minty experience obtained by  blending peppermint essential oil with dark Swiss chocolate shavings.

The perfect ending to a fat-rich continental meal. 

Cinful Dates

A creamy coconut base with a rich and warming cinnamon flavor. Sweetened naturally only with dates.
Pairs well with pies, tarts, or even granola, nuts and fruits if you want to kick breakfast up a notch.

Areej El Karak

In honor of Artiserie’s birthplace, here’s a flavor with the strong taste of black tea infused with flavors of cardamom. 
Try replacing your hot cup of karak with this aromatic cold scoop next time you have friends over!

Lemongrass & Basil

An aromatic burst of lemongrass complemented with fresh basil that leaves you with a tingling freshness. This Asian treat will leave you feeling like you have walked into a spa.

Make the most of it by pairing it with delightful South-East Asian flavors

Black Sesame

High notes of full-strength Kurogoma (black sesame) blend perfectly with slightly salted caramel swirls to bring to life the perfect embodiment of a tongue-tingling Japanese dessert.

Have it as a palate cleanser after a rich Chinese or Japanese meal

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